The first potato chips in Ääsmäe were made in 1983 on the initiative of Ivar Voites by a company called Ääsmäe Agro. After the company was dissolved in 1992, a new potato chips production venture was established; it was called AS Balsnack and in 1996 renamed Balsnack International Holding. Balsnack I. H. is currently the only company in Estonia that makes chips.

Since 1992 the trademarks of the company have been Vigur, Piraat and Vahvel. In addition to potato chips we also produce salty and sweet popcorn products. The best-known trade mark in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is Texas Popcorn with its series of different products. Mõngel, a product meant for young children, has become a synonym of corn sticks. Along with potato and corn chips we also produce fried bread snacks with garlic, cheese and onion or bacon flavours. Our product range includes an Estonian specialty as well – small rounded snacks made of the mixture of rye, oat, barley and pea meal. It makes this special mixture more palatable to consumers who otherwise would not think much of it. For chip worshippers we offer a product made of natural pork rinds called Ossi krõps, which is extremely rich in proteins. In addition we also roast and pack sunflower seeds.

In 2004 and 2005 the product range was added by three new products: corn sticks with cheese, Trips bacon chips and salty flavoured tortilla chips. A couple of years ago the company was contacted by Peep Veedla, who is a well-known naturalist and the Loodus magazine; they had an idea that we should consider the production of bird food that would be suitable for feeding birds over the winter. To help the birds survive our harsh winters we offer seed mixtures as well as grease balls.
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